A Rockhouse Road resident phoned the Easton Police Department at 3:10 p.m. today, concerned that his 64-year-old wife had not returned from her customary walk. She had been gone for over an hour, and he reported that she had a medical condition, according to Captain Richard Doyle.

Easton police got a description and did a cursory search in the area. Officer Tamara French and K-9 T-J were called to the scene, as well as a Bloodhound from the Connecticut State Police. Newtown police arrived with a drone to do an aerial search. Assistance was also provided by both the Redding and the Aquarion police departments. A UTV was deployed as well.

The Easton Fire Department and Easton EMS arrived at the scene to provide emergency care.

At 5:45 p.m., a passer-by reported to the command post that he had seen a woman fitting the description a half-hour earlier, and resources were directed in the area, Doyle said.

The all-out effort produced optimal results: the woman was found near Route 58 and Pine Tree Road. EMS checked her out and monitored her vitals. “She was reunited with her husband in good condition,” Doyle said.

Multiple area resources were called in to assist in a missing person call.

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