Members of the Easton Democratic Town Committee (EDTC) unanimously endorsed Anne Hughes for re-election as state representative of the 135th House District on Feb. 5. The EDTC came together for its monthly meeting with guest speakers, including Gayle Weinstein of Weston. Weinstein was invited to speak as she is challenging the incumbent Hughes for the Democratic nomination of the district which is comprised of Easton, Weston, and part of Redding. 

Seeking support for her candidacy, Weinstein described her experience, background, reasons for running, and then answered questions from committee members. Hughes was also in attendance, as she regularly reports on state and town issues that are important to Easton officials, residents, and EDTC members. Members later discussed Weinstein’s candidacy and experience, weighing it against the successes of Hughes.

Hughes co-sponsored or introduced over 75 bills in her first term alone. In contrast, her Republican predecessor (Adam Dunsby) introduced six in 2017, and his predecessor John Shaban (now running for the Republican nomination for this seat), co-sponsored 25 between 2014 and 2016, according to Ballotopia. Hughes’ 2020 list (which continues to grow in the current session), is a benchmark for the increased engagement and the expectation of constituents in our district to have an advocate serving them.

When asked what work she was most proud of this past term, Hughes quickly responded with her work “helping to build the Bi-Partisan Women’s Caucus, the Progressive Caucus, and the Social Worker’s Caucus, in addition to collaborating with colleagues across the state legislature and governor’s office to push for inclusive, justice-centered, and equitable policy.”

As a freshman legislator, Hughes earned the unusual distinction of 2019 Environmental Champion by the Connecticut League of Conservation Voters (CTLCV) for advocating the Youth Climate Strikers, for pushing for bolder renewable energy transition, renewable investment into transportation infrastructure, for carbon-neutral future and crisis-resilient measures.

Hughes was instrumental in securing a state grant that helped provide for 160 acres to be added to the Aspetuck Land Trust and Nature Conservancy in Weston; for the release of the bond funds for the expansion of Weston Library Children’s Room, for the grant for historical repairs to the Norfield Church in Weston. She collaborated with leadership and House majority to pass a balanced, on-time, state budget that follows the spending cap, the education cost-sharing formula, and that supports Town Aid be distributed in a timely, predictive manner, and without raising income taxes.

A motion was made by Victor Alfandre and seconded by Wiley Mullins to endorse Hughes for re-election as state representative of the 135th House District, passing unanimously. “We are proud to support Anne. She’s done a great job. After more than 30 years, we finally have an influential Democratic representative in Hartford. Let’s not lose it,” Nanette DeWester, EDTC chair said,.  In late March, Easton Democrats will hold a caucus to elect delegates to vote at three multi-town conventions held in May for state representative, state Senate, and U.S. House.

Anne Hughes holds an informal “Constituent Cappuccino” every Friday at Greiser’s Coffee & Market in Easton from 8:30-9:15 a.m., unless she’s in session. If you would like to connect with local Democrats who are engaged, interested in public involvement — and making Easton an inclusive and welcoming place to live — please join them at one of their upcoming monthly meetings.

State Representative Anne Hughes honors local hero, Tom Costanzo of Tomasinos Pizza N Pasta on Long Ridge Road in Redding, for saving a stranded motorist on the West Redding Train Station tracks. Costanzo helped the man escape the vehicle right before it was struck by the train. Photo courtesy of Rep. Hughes.
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