I felt showered by an overwhelming sense of connection to all things. Everything glistened with “Sacred Is-ness” and each new moment exploded with even deeper awareness. All of nature, from trees to stones to birds to the sky, loudly rejoiced in singular voice, “all is good!’ As this wellspring of pure love, joy and gratitude for everything and everyone caressed my heart, mind, body and spirit; I could do nothing but weep tears of great joy.

Far from the heavily weighted curtain of human condition that has long smothered my existence and held me prisoner, I became one with the One. Thinking became unnecessary. All that I once held true and thought important proved the depth of my ignorance. Time, space, life and death as well as all other dichotomies and dualities became figments of a much smaller, limited existence; one of human conditioning nurtured by ignorance.

I realized that there are no beginnings or endings, just perpetual transitioning and evolution for the sake of love. All is good for the benefit of achieving higher love consciousness. The multifarious, dark veil of ignorance that once shrouded a seemingly pained and suffering Earth suddenly became the Divine curriculum designed by the omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent Maestro of pure love, Love itself.

The planet with all of its adversity, diversity, mystery and complexities became a sacred university filled with new opportunity to nourish my soul, fostering real growth, real understanding, real forgiveness, allowing love to conquer and blossom. As human, the highest expression of life, I realized that our every breath is solely intended to direct us towards a singular purpose and that is to awaken to our true self. Though many may appear well dressed in ego folly, they are disguised. In reality man is nothing more and nothing less than pure love in all of its perfection dancing in perfect step with forever evolving consciousness.

So-called mistakes along with pain and suffering are integral to the “Sacred Is-ness” of a Divine matrix. My life, my vehicle has been maintained and chauffeured by none other than Love for my journey towards Divine insight. Though placing my faith in nearly every non-truth was once my route, it was absolutely necessary for my rite of passage (evolution) into the light that is all encompassing and all forgiving.

The blinding cataracts created by human conditioning have been removed. I now see beyond all of life’s smoke and mirrors. All is love as love is all. I no longer struggle to recognize and overcome resistant lower levels of consciousness in myself as well as in others. False concepts along with the ego conditioning that once played a major role in dictating who I thought I was have been fully recognized and dissipate like fog in the illuminating light of truth, the light of Love.

I’m filled with an uncontrollable sense of gratitude, compassion and forgiveness. My cup truly runs over, however, as I express this newfound wisdom, many hear but few listen. It is no one’s fault as I continue loving everything and everyone. So called enemies, once considered impediments to happiness have become the most ripened fruit, essential for nourishment and growth. They’ve become fundamental to the much bigger picture; divine blessings for the evolution of the soul.

To a limited mind, Earth and existence is easily misconstrued but on the grandest of scales, Paradise Earth is a divinely sanctioned university, well worth the high cost tuition of pain and suffering. Pain and suffering are what impels us from our “la-di-da” self consuming existence. It is through (what we consider) pain and suffering that we learn to recognize truth so to transform and overcome and eventually graduate. Everything that has happened and will happen serves only one real purpose, to lead us to discover our true self, the One Self.

I now know that I am much more than a weak, ignorant, isolated, ego driven individual. Once misled by the human condition I shall never be tricked again. I am one with all existing in a sacred matrix that goes far above and beyond the tunnel vision of a previous time. To call myself a this-ist or that-iast only creates separation and places limitations on that which I truly am. I am an eternal Love-ist as we are all Lovists learning to love. I am here and now, pure love immersed in Pure Love, creating Pure Love for the sake of Pure Love.

My heart reaches out to everyone.

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