Is Your Business Doing the Pandemic Pivot?

How are you adapting to the changing times? We would like to hear from you. Tell us how you are doing the pandemic pivot. Send us a photo of your business, yourself or something that represents what you work you do (using our submission link or by email to

Generate business for yourself and help others follow your example and find innovative ways to stay healthy and stay in business.

Sheltering at home and social distancing have upended the way Easton residents and people everywhere lead their personal lives and go about their business.

Business owners, lawyers, doctors, veterinarians, teachers, artists, scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs of every kind have had to creatively change their business model or practice, or close their doors.

The COVID-19 pandemic isn’t likely to conclude anytime soon. It’s likely to require months of frequent hand washing, wearing masks and gloves in public and avoiding groups while research continues in search of a vaccination for the deadly novel coronavirus.

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Photo at top: Easton Village Store , 440 Sport Hill Road, is no longer offering dine-in options, but take-out is available. Basics are available, some in limited quantity: packaged and canned goods and deli menu are offered daily. Breakfast, lunch and dinner choices, as well as a range of hot and cold beverages are on hand. — Greg Golda Photo

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