Good Morning,   

As of last evening, the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Easton was 21. To underscore the need for continued and increased efforts at social distancing and self and communal protection, we have made changes to our normal routines in Town Hall. When moving around Town Hall, masks will now be required.  For staff, we are now limiting the time that they are in the building. Chief Doyle has also instituted some changes with the police, having each officer keep a dedicated vehicle and limiting their access to the station.

If you are reading this post you may be viewing it from the town’s website. It appears that you have company! From one year ago, approximately 50% more of residents now access the website. I hope we can continue to improve on that. The more people know about what is happening in town the better and more informed citizens they can be. This is also a valuable lesson for our children. 

On our website you will see a more prominent listing of email addresses for the various departments at Town Hall. Please direct your communication via email first when possible.  Your questions will reach the appropriate department faster and you will get a quicker and more effective response. There will also be directions to the agenda and minutes for the South Park Advisory Committee (SPAC) minutes which are listed under the Board of Selectmen section. The SPAC is a sub-committee formed by the Board of Selectmen. The proposed budget with the email address for questions ( ) is listed. The presentation for joining the Westport Weston Health District (WWHD) also with an email address for questions will be posted within a few days. 

Last night the Board of Selectmen met, and while we were socially distancing the meeting was live streamed via Facebook Live at  Please “like” the page and share it so it can become available to more Facebook users. If this process works well, we can explore other meetings being held in this manner. The Board of Selectmen voted to participate in both the Deferment Program; deferment of ninety (90) days from the time taxes were due and the Low Interest Rate Program; reduction of the interest payment on delinquent property taxes from 3% per month to .25% per month for ninety (90) days. Both programs specified by the Governor’s Executive Order 7S Section 6. The specific details of these programs will be posted at a later date.

On a personal note, I had the opportunity to give an interview on WICC radio on Wednesday morning. I used it to extoll the virtues of our wonderful Town of Easton and how proud and honored I am to be your First Selectman.

As a reminder, many are out walking, biking and generally on the roads of Easton more frequently these days, please watch your speed and keep a safe distance from those on the sides of the roads! Keep up the great work staying home, social distancing and practicing good hygiene.   

Bang on your pots and pans at 6:30 p.m. tonight. Enjoy your families and the beauty of Easton and stay safe.

Dave Bindelglass

Photo at top: Dan and Gina Blaze created this message of hope on top of their house at 22 South Park Ave. in Easton Conn. Dan was the on on the roof with Christmas, lights creating the display.

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