“It’s about time” — that’s when we are really listening.

Do you know what time it is?

Time is a teacher and a healer. It has wings of some sort 

because it flies, so why does it take so long to get there?

Sports teams and children get time-outs; they call it strategy time.

Some people are before their time or ahead of it – 

pioneers and thinkers.

There really is no time like the present, because it is a present. 

We sometimes forget who gave it to us.

Vows of good times and bad times are often changed over time. 

A friend loves at all times … who’s your friend?

That settles that.

Can we really kill time, or save time in a bottle? 

When it comes to time there is either plenty of it, or never enough. Use your time. There is no waste of time in lessons learned.

In life there can be moments when we feel like we are out of time. Don’t wait. “Say it in the living years.”

There is a moment in God that is an atomic second 

and it changes life forever. You’re here, still breathing …

Your purpose and mine are not finished yet — only time will tell

Stop … Pray … and Listen. It’s not over until He says.

What matters? You can’t be in two places at once, 

so wherever you are, be fully there. Live life now, real time.

Now that’s Big Time!

Gina Blaze is co-director of the New England Prayer Center, a center for hope and healing, in Easton. She is also a life coach, www.ginablaze.com.

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