To the Editor:

The Board of Finance should adopt the Board of Education’s budget proposal this year. Last year’s budget was not enough to sustain a complete and well rounded education for all students in our community.

Class size and staffing were two major concerns for our students’ experiences this year. Large classes in lower elementary school levels and limited access to a library for middle school students were the two most detrimental results of the reduced budget among other reductions. This year’s budget proposal will allow the town to regain more of the services and staff that our children need.  

We are undoubtedly entering into a future with economic uncertainty, but we must not be short sighted by short changing our children’s education. Despite our teachers’ best efforts, our students will have to catch up in many skills next year. If we have too small of a budget this year it will only compound the issues of regression, missed skills from this year, and progressing next year.

Our teachers will need more time and resources to adapt the curriculum for the next few years and larger class sizes will make the process of educating our students even more complicated and less effective. The long-term mental health effects of this quarantine are yet to be seen, but I am sure our school guidance counselors, social workers, and psychologists will be needed in an even great capacity. The Board of Finance should adopt the Board of Education’s proposed budget.

Lara Fayek


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