When life may be uncertain …

As flowers blossom and the oceans swell,
so shall the sun cast its spell.
Hidden by clouds or plain to see,
this sun shall always shine on me.

Winds must blow and rain must fall,
providing opportunity to stand tall.
And if I must endure the stress of strain,
knowing her heart surely eases my pain.

In times to discern right from wrong,
I close my eyes and hear her song.
A song that she sings from the core of her being,
a melody pure, words lush in meaning.

As tree ripened fruit has its season,
her love is as sweet and always the reason.
A love that knows, a love for giving,
a love never questioning her purpose of living.

Blessed am I to share love so pure
blessed am I to feel so secure.
A love beyond all passion and measure,
I love you mother, my holy treasure.

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