Good Afternoon,  

We have begun the process to slowly, safely and conscientiously reopen Easton. We will explore a change in the operations of Town Hall to have more services run live from the offices in line with the Governor’s reopening of offices throughout the state. Town Hall will still be closed to the public. The Park and Rec Department has worked hard on reopening plans for our recreational facilities. The tennis courts at Helen Keller are now open.

Please observe the posted rules. Lower Veteran’s Field, behind the Easton Community Center is open ONLY for family groups to play soccer and baseball.  We hope to progress to more open fields depending on residents’ compliance with the rules and how the overall situation progresses. 
From watching my own 87-year-old mother, I am becoming increasingly concerned about our seniors. I worry about their isolation but also the lack or delay of medical care. Data indicates that around the country our elders are putting off routine medical care.

As things are starting to open up, it is definitely time to catch up on your regular doctor appointments. Speaking as a physician, there are many things which need monitoring and other situations which will not get better on their own. Most doctors’ offices are reopening so PLEASE call your doctor and get in to see them!  We are monitoring the overall situation with regards to when it would be safe to have some limited programs or even get together at the Senior Center. I apologize that I cannot be more definite, but we are trying. Please reach out if you are feeling in need both physically and emotionally.

As we look for ways to keep us connected, we are fortunate to have the Easton Courier back in our lives. There was such an outpouring of disappointment when the printed version ceased to exist. Since the online version relaunched just before the pandemic hit, over 300 articles have been published. Nancy Doniger, the editor, has pointed out that this is a community effort.

Community writers are needed to contribute fact-based articles, photos and videos about local issues, town government and the schools; interesting Easton residents, the arts, environment, nature and farms; special events, ceremonies, award presentations, clubs and organizations; about elections and referendums; weddings and engagements, births, graduations, accomplishments and promotions, businesses, places of worship, sports and anything and everything that captures Easton’s essence and rural character. Please connect with the Courier if you are interested at

Last night we had a very busy agenda at the Board of Selectmen meeting so rather than detailing the discussions and motions, the meeting itself will be posted on the website, on Channel 79 and minutes posted next week.  It was nice to see many ZOOM-ing in and participating.

It will be very strange not having a Memorial Day Parade this year as that is usually such a great event in Easton. There will be a small ceremony organized by the American Legion to recognize our fallen heroes; however, it will not be open to the public. 

At the beginning of the year, none of us could ever have imagined what this Memorial Day would look like. Memorial Day is usually celebrated by gatherings at barbecues and cookouts with friends and family. THIS is the unofficial start of summer. We all deserve to enjoy ourselves, but we still need to be smart and be careful. I hope we all take a minute to remember what Monday is about. Many have given their lives to preserve our way of life throughout the years. 

Although a different type of loss, we have had to say goodbye to many fine people due to the pandemic, many of those lost were serving the public as first responders, health care workers and other front line workers, sacrificing themselves for us.  Please enjoy the long weekend.

Be well and be safe.

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