If there could be only one word to describe Eastonites, it would be “independent.”

So on this Independence Day, so bleak in many other parts of the nation, residents can and should celebrate this holiday with an abundance of pride.

By dint of self-restraint and respect for others, the town has kept the COVID-19 virus at bay without sacrificing meaningful communions. Hundreds safely gathered for a vigil in remembrance of George Floyd on June 8, https://eastoncourier.news/2020/06/11/vigil-for-george-floyd-a-movement-or-a-moment/ and convened for observance of Juneteenth. https://eastoncourier.news/tag/juneteenth-celebration/. Both events were new to Easton’s calendar and may be recognized in years to come.

Though many cities around the country are paralyzed by current events, Easton marches on. Debates continue about local healthcare, commercial development and upcoming elections. Residents are independent thinkers and passionate defenders of ideas. 

Easton is blessed with independent farmers, who face and overcome natural obstacles and economic challenges year after year. With the arrival of their sweet lettuces, tomatoes, corn, and berries, residents have yet another reason to celebrate Independence Day and all the days of the harvest to follow.

Each of us in Easton has chosen a unique path through recent adversity to meet this day with resolve. Our fighting spirit and independence will always prevail, as it has for the past 175 years.

We at the Courier wish you a safe and peaceful holiday, with a healthy dose of spunk!

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