Morehouse Field For Easton Residents Only — Photo courtesy of Allen Sullivan

To the Editor:

Watching the CNN Covid 19 map flame ever redder and redder as the pandemic cases burn higher and higher through more and more states reminds me of the burning map that used to open that quintessentially American western show Bonanza set on the majestic lands of the Ponderosa Ranch.

Only our little green state of Connecticut and nearby Vermont have reduced the spread and deaths down to a sane level. And I believe our town has fared better than most in the state as well. So this sign I saw appear at Morehouse Fields recently reminded me how well this quiet, serene, beautiful jewel of passive open space has served us all.

Community spread may well still threaten Connecticut, if not this time around then in the next pandemic which is sure to follow some time in the future. So I hope everybody who wanted to lease this precious land for a dollar to be invaded and adulterated by astro-turfing hordes of social-distancing challenged college athletes will come to see that these precious fields must forever remain preserved as is for “EASTON RESIDENTS ONLY.”

Allen Sullivan


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