Slowly and cautiously, some Easton residents are emerging from captivity to engage in responsible socializing. On Saturday, July 11, at the invitation of Vivian Hardison, wife of the honoree, family members and friends gathered outdoors to celebrate the retirement of Richard Lechtenberg, a neurologist, who practiced in Brooklyn, N.Y. for 50 years and will now live full-time in Easton.

Lechtenberg enjoyed a distinguished career and along the way pursued a range of intellectually rigorous interests, including languages, (he speaks five) and American history (the Revolutionary Era in particular). He is also an ardent film buff and a writer.

“Rich is a total Renaissance man,” a party-goer was overheard to say.

After guests toasted him and shared loving and occasionally humorous tributes, the guest of honor spoke briefly about his deep appreciation for the peace and beauty Easton provides. He cited in particular “his hummingbird.” Apparently, his little newfound friend buzzed him in disappointment when the bird feeder was empty. He told the group how Vivian rushed into their garden to refill it.

Lechtenberg also spoke with pride about his three grown children, two of whom, Justin and Jessica, were able to attend the party. His daughter, Claire, offered a video tribute from South Carolina.

Though smiles were hidden under masks, the joy of the occasion was in full view.

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