While I enjoy a nice wind and rain storm, Tropical Storm Isaias was not what I had anticipated. As the storm ripped its way up the East Coast, I heard a very eerie hum in the air.

I stuck my head out of one of my windows. It is missing a screen as it is one of the many things that my 150-pound Achilles has destroyed along the way. I haven’t replaced the screen as this has become a bit of a ritual for me. The rain was pounding, and there was a warm and blustering wind that caused the trees to sway.

My kids and I were in my office and watched one of my very large trees crash to the ground. The sound again was very eerie and the location a little too close for comfort. This storm was not what we had anticipated. It was a much more powerful storm, and the flickering lights would alert us that we would soon be in the dark.

We were out of power for five days and when you own a well, five days without power also means no running water. I should have a generator but I don’t. I typically suffer through a few days without power, and then immediately forget about the idea of getting one. Not this time; I am getting a generator. I have several calls launched to electricians. I suppose it will take a few days to get back to me, but I’m happy to wait.

I can’t do this for another round again. I had to throw out three very well-stocked refrigerators. Two at my home, one at my Mother’s in Fairfield. It was sinful, and we had an abundance of food as I have been preparing for what will undoubtedly be another lockdown this fall. All those meatballs and prepared meals, it kills me. When I think of all of the money and energy wasted, it really bugs me. In my opinion the restocking is just as bad.

I don’t want to think of the cost of this storm as I have yet to get an estimate on my tree removal. Such is the price we must pay for the whims of Mother Nature.

I am so grateful to live in a town in which people help each other. First Selectman Dr. David Bindelglass did a wonderful job of keeping us informed and following up on the progress of energy restoration. We are lucky to have such a fine leader in Easton.

We are lucky to have such fine neighbors. While this was a frustrating period for all, there are many positives to reflect upon, and living in a beautiful area that is also kind must be acknowledged.

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