To the Editor:

John Shaban’s op-ed of Aug. 13 is the most misleading account I’ve seen since President Trump’s latest tweet.

Shaban was our state representative from January 2011 to  January 2017. We experienced Hurricane Irene in August 2011 followed by a huge snowstorm in October, Hurricane Sandy in October 2012, and the February 2013 blizzard. Shaban had four major storms and six years to make the utilities improve their preparedness and response. 

Yet many just endured a week with no power, no water, no internet. And he blames today’s leadership for his six years of do-nothing. 

As our state representative, why didn’t Shaban support legislation that would have required utilities to offer customers credits for prolonged service outages? (2012 HB 5542.) Why does he claim that it was more than 24 hours before our local leaders contacted the public about power outages — when I got a text from my first selectman way before that? 

This is typical Republican tactics today: suggest something because it will catch on with some people. Just like Trump speculating that Kamala Harris — born in Oakland, California — is not eligible to serve as vice president.

I’d like to warn all voters to beware of dishonest campaigning, on all levels, as the November 2020 election season heats up.

Maggie Silverstein


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