In the best of circumstances, there’s a wistfulness to the end of summer, of fading suntans and darkening evening skies. Swimming gear is stowed away and children’s bare feet are once again consigned to shoes the next size up.

Labor Day this year is a decidedly mixed bag. Yes, it’s a long weekend and it looks like the weather will be balmy. But — like all holidays since mid-March — our social traditions are severely restricted as the spread of Covid-19 continues and there’s no real end in sight.

Still, Eastonites should take special pleasure in the holiday knowing the tomatoes and corn will still be at peak, and the tiny chill in the air will presage the changing of nature’s palette to vivid reds and golds. The best apples and pumpkins will be bountiful. This is Easton at her glorious best.

Easton is additionally blessed this Labor Day with a lot to look forward to. In recognition of the town’s 175th anniversary, celebrations abound. They include celebratory fireworks on September 12: and a virtual running event.

In addition, there will be keepsake videos, interviews and a cookbook highlighting Easton’s produce. These anniversary events and memorabilia are a tribute to our past and our future. Labor Day this year may be less mirthful, but Easton has much to enjoy.

The editors at the Courier wish you a safe and healthy Labor Day today and for many years to come.

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