To the Editor:

The title is also its definition: representative.  In terms of a state representative, it’s someone who voices the needs, desires and issues of those they are elected to serve. 

This district needs a state representative who is focused on our community.  Someone who understands our desire to maintain control of our schools and our land, instead of having those decisions made on a state or regional level. 

Someone who understands the need for bipartisanship, instead of divisiveness.  Someone who is moderate instead of extreme.  That someone is John Shaban.  Without him, our community does not have a voice in Hartford.

Kristi Sogofsky

Easton Board of Selectmen

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By Kristi Sogofsky

Kristi currently serves on the Board of Selectmen. She also volunteers her time with several youth and community groups. Kristi worked in local broadcast journalism for 20 years as an anchor and reporter.