To the Editor:

The state of Connecticut has been financially decimated by more than a quarter-century of dominance by the state Democratic Party. They have hired a state workforce that has been overpaid, over-benefitted, and overstaffed for years. By doing so they have essentially “bribed” state workers for votes using our taxpayer funds. We now have one-party rule, and it’s costing us plenty.

Our cities are in ruin. Corruption is rampant. And crime is overwhelming. So why would you stick with the very party that has helped to cause these catastrophic conditions? And please don’t think that you’re getting back at Donald Trump by voting Democrat. He has absolutely nothing to do with the state of Connecticut, other than to give us the shaft by taking the state and local tax deduction away from us. If you vote for Democrats in our state election this year, you are only hurting our state, not Trump. He could care less.

Remember the definition of insanity? We’ve been repeating it for over 25 years. This year, please exercise sanity for all of our sakes. Vote for Connecticut Republicans this year.

Grant Monsarrat
Peggy Monsarrat


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