Robert LaValle

As soon as our ears can hear, words are translated into action.  There are all types of words. They can be powerful, playful, musical, monotonically robotic, harmful, loving, meaningful, or meaningless. Some bring joy and can make us laugh, others can make us cry and others can anger. They can be very expensive, holding great truth, importance and value, or extremely cheap. They can even be totally worthless with no value whatsoever, pure lies; just vowels and consonants put into motion to sound important and fill aural space.

As we are expected to breathe we’re expected to push air through our vocal cords to speak and what we do with our speech is important.  We’ve been allowed these gifts of speech and breath to make connections, to learn and to grow.

I can take God at his word but all others are left up to evaluation and interpretation. Where did they come from?  What mind state was the individual in when the words were spoken? Can the individual be trusted? What about the speaker’s character? It gets complicated and as sure as no two people are alike, interpretations will certainly vary.

Sure, I can listen, superficially or intently, to whatever one is saying, but how to interpret what a person is saying has a great deal to do with his/her character, lifestyle, his sense of compassion for human and animal kind. All measure into the value of that person’s spoken word. And even as a spiritual master may speak, each of us listens according to our bias, our intelligence, openness and ability to understand.

Those who are taught racial, religious, economic and social biases have double, if not triple the work to understand the truth when words of truth are spoken.

I know who I’m voting for. Do you?

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