Why am I running for Congress?  As a 31-year-old homeowner in the 4th District, I have a stake in the well-being of Connecticut. I want to see Connecticut return to its once prominent position as one of the most enviable states of the Union. When I see entrenched politicians continuously voting along party lines for bills detrimental to us, it strikes a nerve.  Are they trying to reshape America to look like the failing state of California?  Whatever happened to doing what’s right for Americans?

Graduating from college with a degree in business with a concentration in finance, while playing Division I football, I became a financial advisor for high net-worth families in a fiduciary capacity. Now a director for Altium Wealth Management, I continue to uphold a legal, moral, and ethical standard, which I will bring to Congress. 

As a common-sense conservative, I will work to defeat the growing pervasive Leftist/Marxist ideology of Nancy Pelosi and the “squad.” The defenders of the ACA will have you believe Republicans will take away protections for pre-existing conditions. This is a bold face lie and frankly I am not surprised. We will protect them by creating high-risk pools subsidized by the federal government to keep costs down.  

I will work diligently to bring a bill to the floor that will create a fully workable health care system to replace the ACA that will protect pre-existing conditions, foster free market cross state competition that will drive prices and premiums down while delivering superior coverage and price transparency.

In addition to solving that problem, within the first 100 days, I pledge to bring a bill to eliminate Common Core and establish school choice voucher programs to finally rescue inner city schools from a failed school system and protect against school regionalization. We need to protect local control of not only our schools, but any attempt of regionalizing control of our aquifers, emergency management, and zoning. 

I believe in less regulation and control of our lives by the federal government. One way to achieve this is through term limits. A little known secret is that major entities, whether they are unions, corporations, or ideological organizations, make huge financial contributions to political campaigns in return for continuing favorable legislation, or preventing legislation they dislike. This is one reason that school vouchers, which benefit low income families the most, gain no headway. Four terms for politicians may be enough to stymie this corruption.

We need representatives who will abide by the Constitution, not work to expand government power over us. We need representatives who respect our Bill of Rights guaranteeing freedom of speech, religion, press, peaceful assembly (not rioting), and due process of law. We need the freedom to create and prosper without endless bureaucratic red tape. This is what I believe in, what I will stand up for, and what will allow all people in this state to prosper.

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