President Donald Trump must immediately be removed from office. The Easton Democratic Town Committee joins a bipartisan chorus demanding his removal. We seek both safety for the people of this country and justice for his illegal and immoral actions.

He willfully violated his oath of office, instigating a riot on the Capitol that left five dead —  including a Capitol police officer. The siege also threatened the lives of Connecticut’s representatives who were lawfully executing the business of the people.

He repeatedly sowed seeds of dissent with his anti-democratic lies about election integrity that has destabilized our democracy in order to cravenly usurp power against the will of the American people. He is an unstable, dangerous, demagogue, grasping for dictatorial power with access to the nuclear codes and the ability to continue creating unrest in the republic.

He must be held accountable for his seditious actions taken against the United States of America. He must be removed immediately by any means legally possible.

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