98 Incident Reports Logged

8          9-1-1 Error/ Transfer

1          Accident

3          Aided Cases

15        Alarm / Fire Calls

4          Animal Calls

5          Assistance / All Other / K9 Assist

6          Consults With An Officer

1          Criminal Mischief / Property Damage

0          Dumping / Littering

1          Erratic Driver Reported

9          Fingerprints

0          Juvenile Assistance

2          Larceny / Theft Offense

0          Motor Vehicle Theft

2          Motor Vehicle Stops

2          Pistol / Solicitor Temporary Permits Issued

3          Programmed Patrol / Selective Enforcement

2          Property (Found-Lost-Released)

2          Scam (Call-Electronic-Mail) / Fraud Offense / ID Theft

0          School Detail

3          Supplemental Reports

8          Suspicious (Activity – Motor Vehicle – Person)

0          Traffic Complaint

8          Town-Utility-State Property

0          Vacant House / Welfare Check


1          Misdemeanor Summons/Criminal Arrests

0          Infractions

1          Written Warnings

2          Verbal Warnings

 Criminal Arrest

A contractor hired to work on a new home on Adirondack Trail in Easton reported on Jan. 2 that some of his tools had been stolen from the job site. The tools were offered for sale on Facebook Marketplace a short time later, price said. With the assistance from the contractor and his partner, Easton police were able to set up a meeting with the seller of the stolen items.

Tyler Paolini, 27, was arrested on Jan. 6 with the stolen items in his possession, police said.  He was charged with fifth-degree larceny and released on a promise to appear on Jan. 14 at the Bridgeport Courthouse. 

These are allegations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty.

The Easton Police Department is located at 700 Morehouse Road, Easton, CT 06612, 203-268-4111, EastonCT.gov.

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