The Easton Public Library, in collaboration with the Easton Diversity & Inclusion Task Force (EDIT), will present an inspirational lawn sign exhibit, featuring select quotations from some of the world’s most valued diverse voices. The signs will be exhibited on the Library’s front lawn. This exhibit will focus on inclusivity and diversity in all its powerful and glorious forms. The Library encourages submissions of quotations of well-known and lesser-known individuals who have made a mark to further social justice and alleviate implicit bias.

For example, submissions for quotations may focus on the words of John Lewis, Megan Rapinoe, Tammy Duckworth, Jacqueline Woodson, Katherine Johnson, Deb Haaland, or Jason Reynolds, to name a few. To submit quotations for consideration in the exhibit visit the Library’s webpage:

The quotation submissions will also appear in an online exhibit. Both exhibits will open in early February. Join the Easton Public Library in celebrating the Voices of Diversity.

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