Those born on leap day, February 29, are called “leapsters.” The Easton Courier was born on this date one year ago, sharing the distinction with Gioachino Rossini, a fellow leapster born in 1792. He of course composed the famous William Tell Overture made more famous by “The Lone Ranger,” an ABC Television series which debuted in 1949. Below for the sake of nostalgia is the opening scene featuring the most heart-racing part of the overture.

The music is familiar and fun, but it also serves as a metaphor. The Courier, relaunched on February 29, 2020, had ties to the old print version, but is now an entirely fresh and new interpretation. As an on-line community-based newspaper, the higher tech Courier provides local news and information more quickly and responsively.

The Courier editorial board is not marking this birthday alone. Many Eastonites contributed columns, letters, announcements and news items which gave the nascent paper a chorus of unique voices. Others made financial contributions which will enable the Courier to flourish. Those who simply read the paper are valuable as well. However you’ve chosen to support us, we heartily thank you.

As we gallop into our second year, we’re making birthday wishes for more active and frequent involvement from the community. There are serious issues to explore as well as cultural and social events, the reemergence of school activities, and the start of the farming season. We hope you will decide to read, write and donate to the challenge of keeping journalism thriving in Easton.

The Courier rides again!

Hi yo Silver, hi yo Silver and away…

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