To the Editors:

Having listened in on the Zoom call of March 4 regarding the possibility of Easton joining the Westport Weston Health District (WWHD), I feel such a move would be a tremendous benefit to our town. I am grateful to those who asked extensive questions as they contributed to my gaining a clearer understanding of the range of issues involved, as well as the breadth of services the district would provide.

Among the primary concerns voiced were costs for services and loss of town control, and I felt Mark Cooper, director of the WWHD, addressed these, and all questions, so as to alleviate those concerns. He said, “We’re here to provide service,” to work with Easton’s Board of Selectmen, commissions, departments, and Senior Center, not to dictate policy.

He confirmed that WWHD meetings are open to the residents of member towns for comments and questions. Certainly the town has been fortunate to have the expanded hours and personnel in health and sanitation through the WWHD during the COVID crisis. My thanks to First Selectman Bindelglass and Mark Cooper for the opportunity to learn more about this important step.

Lea Sylvestro


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