To the Editor:

A quick personal note to all those who missed the CRG letter regarding the reaction to our 5th Edition publication (see the letter here). In addition to the many positive reactions and donations, it appears that our pamphlet was a shock to the system for others, so if it relieves your stress to call us names, including cowards, have at it.

I am for free speech for everyone, and you have a right to say whatever you wish. However, please be accurate. While some profess not to know who we are, my name (as well as the name of our treasurer) is public on the many letters we submit to the press. My identity is no secret. CRG is a well-known group in Easton, and I have been in the public eye for over 35 years.

The picture above is of my multi-racial family when our kids were growing up. It tells part of the story and below is a summary of the rest:

• Easton resident: 42 years
• President of CRG: 2 years
• Webmaster of the Easton Eye: since its inception, about 11 years
• Retired teacher: elementary school, MS Office Suite, college math lab, tutor
• Former member of the Region 9 Board of Education: 9 years
• Former member of the Easton Republican Town Committee: 25 years
• Served on the 1980s Easton School Building Committee: Chair for final 2 years, member for 9 years
• Married: 51 years
• Mother of two amazing kids, foster mother of one more amazing kid, grandmother of two more amazing kids
• Room mother, Girl Scout leader, PTSA member
• Your Easton neighbor, not your enemy in any way.

I hope that is a complete enough identification to meet your needs, and please continue to enjoy with me the blessing of a free press.

Sherry L. Harris


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