Letter: Pamphlet Serves as a Wake-up Call

To the Editor:

Thank you to the “Get Involved Easton” group for your expansive letter to the town, because its vitriolic tone and fear-mongering content serve as a great reminder that vigilance and activism by the general citizenry continues to be essential, in spite of the promising change in administration that most definitely happened last November.

If we thought we could relax because the Era of Denial – of climate change, of racial and economic inequity, of the Constitutionally anointed value of the free press, of the role that the “Haves” play in caring for the “Have Nots” – this tome clearly is a wake up call that this is no time for relaxing. When we expected that voting in our new administration would bring positive attention to the issues of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, we didn’t know until reading this pamphlet that those goals might continue to be seen by some as “poisonous ideology”. Seriously?

We once hoped that the Inauguration did more than prove that our democracy can survive an insurrection on Our Capitol both actively and passively encouraged by a lame duck president and carried out by his violent white supremacist supporters (not an Antifa fueled plot). We had hoped it heralded a time of reckoning for our fellow citizens who for four years embraced conspiracy theories, accepted lies as truths, excused governing by Tweet, condoned vicious words and undignified behaviors, and sanctioned abuses of our non-white brethren.

We hoped it would be a time for our country to emerge from the fog of lies spewed by the head of the Make America White Again movement. We hoped that they would realize that words and actions, like Black lives, truly matter – like wearing masks to help keep people safe or disagreeing agreeably instead of venomously. We had hoped it would be recognized that America’s greatness lies in striving for the ideals set forth by our Founders, not by its efforts to maintain a white status quo.

Thanks again, “Get Involved Easton”, your call to action has been heard, albeit with an effect different from what you intended. Our actions need to be toward making Diversity, Equality and Inclusion not poisonous, but possible.

David Sylvestro