The work for diversity and inclusion is about more than acknowledging the ongoing battle against racism. It’s about helping a community focus on those who need our support— from LGBTQ, BIPOC, seniors, women, and to anyone who may be in crisis or left out. That’s why it’s called diversity and inclusion.

So what do you do when you’re angered, frustrated, or appalled by receiving extremely harmful rhetoric against these efforts? You write letters and speak out as folks have done. And, you can take action by aligning yourself to groups that champion those who you seek to support. Speaking out is a crucial part of moving that arc of justice forward. It engages in a democratic process giving voice to our differences. Mobilizing is the key to change.

Here are some suggestions to channel that frustration into empowering change.

Donate Your Time And Resources
One of the great things that happened over the last few years has been the uptick in political and social action. Knowing we all have different skills and means, find the best fit for you and jump in. Start by using credible sources to stay informed and engage in town good governance projects such as EDIT (Easton Diversity and Inclusion Task Force). Below are more places where Easton could use your help:

The Easton Senior Center
The Center does a wonderful job serving Easton seniors. Right now they are seeking funds for a new van. With your help, they’ll get the money to enhance the State of Connecticut’s grant to fund them. The new van will ensure that our seniors are safely transported. Contact Val Buckley here to learn more about ways to help out: (203) 268-6291.

The Easton Public Library
The Library is sponsoring Voices of Diversity, “a lawn sign exhibit celebrating select inspirational quotations of diverse voices from around the world.” Check out the sign installation in front of the Library, consider submitting a quote, or volunteer or donate to the Friends of the Easton Public Library to ensure that our library remains a great resource for Easton. Contact Library Director Lynn Zaffino at 203-261-0134 or

Easton’s Food Pantry
Alison Witherbee, Easton’s Municipal Agent, would welcome your support to feed the hungry in Easton. Recently the United Way has partnered with the pantry offering needed funding. Thanks to Alison, it’s been a successful program closing the gap of food insecurity. Here’s how to get in touch to support them: or 203-268-1137, The United Way FYI, The United Way supports many worthy initiatives and they’d be happy to find the best fit for your interests.

The LGBTQ+ Community
A special organization that’s near and dear to Easton is The Leonard-Litz Foundation. Elliot Leonard and Roger Litz are Eastonites with a passion to give back and have been an amazing force in the community. The foundation works to “advance the interests and well-being of the LGBTQ+ community through advocacy and with programs and services that meet the needs of LGBTQ+ people.” To learn more about this important work, here’s the link to the foundation:

The EDTC’s outreach team has been sponsoring a series of events that seek to bridge differences and educate. Recently we’ve hosted (along with community partners) historic leaders of the civil rights movement. Listening to the civil rights talks helped me to appreciate that no matter how ugly it gets, we can rise together to conquer anything. These amazing leaders left us with a charge to keep going and fight injustice wherever it happens. Taking action in the community keeps us marching forward by mobilizing our energy towards a worthy cause.

As the Chair of the Easton Democratic Town Committee, I want everyone to know that we are here for you and our party’s platform is our pledge to champion diversity and inclusion efforts. We will continue to find ways to foster engagement that heals divides and supports those in need, especially those who are marginalized. We believe that’s what it means to be a Democrat, a neighbor, and a friend to all.

Nanette DeWester

Chair, Easton Democratic Town Committee

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