To the Editor:

As an Easton resident and father of four school-age children, I am writing in support of the multi-use pathway between Helen Keller Middle School and Silverman’s Farm.

This path provides a number of benefits to the community and I strongly advise the Board of Finance to support the project and allow the town to vote on allocating the funds to move this project forward.

The pathway would accomplish three main objectives: 1) protect the children and adults who currently walk and bike along that dangerous route, 2) encourage additional pedestrian, bicycle, stroller and wheelchair traffic between these two nodes, and 3) help to grow a better sense of community by connecting Silverman’s and the Easton Village Store with HKMS, the tennis courts, sports fields and New Friends Playground.

Given the fact that the town was able to secure a grant for 80% of the cost of this project, it would be a mistake to pass up the opportunity to enhance the safety of our residents and improve community walkability.

I support this effort wholeheartedly.

Daken Vanderburg


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