To the Editor:

There has been a lot of misinformation and conjecture concerning the State grant for the pedestrian pathway along Sport Hill Rd. This pathway would provide a safe route for pedestrians and cyclists from Hellen Keller Middle School up Sport Hill Road to the cross walk at Silverman’s Farm.

To clear up a few things, this grant is solely for a project at this location. It is not for a path through the back wooded areas of the connective properties. The Town would have to pay for that on its own. Not to mention it would be irresponsible to ask our daughter’s and mothers with children to take such an isolated route.

Secondly, there has been no discussion to utilize the Town’s share of this project by any board or commission for other purposes, such as the EMS building that others have suggested. The Town has conducted a charette and an online survey. The respondents to the survey were approximately 70% in favor of the pathway.

The Board of Finance has the unique responsibility of safe guarding our tax dollars while simultaneously funding expenditures that benefit the community. I believe the Board of Finance should vote accordingly with the “will” of our citizens. That will be very clear after Tuesday’s referendum.

We have two very real problems, safety (primarily school children) and community connectivity. Our separate desires must learn to coexist so that we could manifest our lives together properly. All absolute facts must be considered for our community to function or our quality of life will suffer. To solve problems in situations where there are competing viewpoints, someone that represents the entire community should not choose the answer that best suits them and ignore the objective truth because they are susceptible to bias.

The thoughtless denigration of this proposal is wrong and dangerous. It perpetuates negativity in a time when it’s important to bring people and communities together. When this pathway is put in front of the Board of Finance, I urge them to vote with the people. No matter what way it goes.

The approval of this pathway would demonstrate that we value our families and the future of our Town. Please remember to vote on Tuesday. I hope you will join me in voting “YES” to approve the planned pathway.

Raymond Martin

Planning & Zoning, Vice Chairman


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