To the Editor:

I am in full support to move forward with the development of the Sport Hill Pathway. Let’s make this small investment to improve the Sport Hill infrastructure for the safety of our Easton families!

I have reviewed all the facts presented by (1) The Easton Land Use and (2) The Planning and Zoning Dept. (links below). Extensive work was done by these departments in order to successfully secure government funding of 80% of the $1.3 million cost to implement. I applaud these departments for their due diligence and commitment to taking actions to improve the safety of our town.

I acknowledge that the Board of Finance has not yet approved the 20%, or $249K, funding required by Easton to move forward with this project. I also acknowledge that some Board Members think that there are lower cost alternatives to this pathway. I have listened to the town meeting and read the materials to know that alternatives were considered by the Land Use and P&Z departments.

The feasibility studies showed that the Sport Hill Pathyway is the best option for many reasons (i.e, wetlands and other technical issues). I ask that our community and Board of Finance support this pathway and approve these funds to be allocated to this project. As demonstrated on the details presented on the website below, substantial research and studies were conducted by experts (engineers, surveyors, and consultants) in this field.

Let trust the experts in our Land Use and P&Z departments and rely on their recommendations to determine how best to support the infrastructure of our town. On-going studies will only add unnecessary cost. I have had a 20+ year career in finance and understand the importance of making prudent financial decisions. I do believe that this is a prudent financial decision and is in the best interest of our community.

I ask that you please re-review the in-depth work that was done by the experts as presented on the links below. This investment will provide a valuable asset to our community for the years to come. This pathway does not alter the small town charm. This pathway allows our families to have a walkway to enjoy our beautiful community and permit our children to walk safely to different parts of town.

Eas​ton Design Charette Information

Special Town Meeting and Referendum Presentation

Jennifer de Jesus


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