Absentee Ballot Pickup Deadline Today, Pathway Q&A Tonight, and Useful Links for March 30 Referendum Vote

The following information concerning Easton’s March 30 referendum vote was posted on the Town of Easton website this morning and distributed through its opt-in e-notification system.

It includes important information about absentee ballots and a link to the informal session hosted by the Planning and Land Use Office to answer questions about the proposed pathway on Sport Hill Road, which is an advisory question on tomorrow’s ballot.

Absentee Ballot Application for Referendum Vote on Tuesday, 3/30/2021

View Q&A session link for Monday, 3/29/2021 at 7:30pm
View Legal Notice
View Town Meeting (Facebook)
View Town Meeting (YouTube)
View Special Town Meeting information related to Referendum Vote

Absentee Ballots CANNOT be mailed by the Town Clerk per State of Connecticut guidelines.

Absentee Ballot Process for Referendum (with less than 3 weeks’ notice)
1. Complete and sign Absentee Ballot Application (see below for link to application).
* Please include phone/email address at bottom of application so that we may notify you when ballot is ready for pick-up.
2. Application must be deposited in the Official Drop Box or you may call to schedule a time for drop-off of application/pick-up of the ballot (203) 268-6291.
3. Ballot will be prepared for you and issued to either you or your designee (per the application guidelines). 
4. Once you have your completed ballot, you may either deposit the ballot in the Official Drop Box or mail to the Town Clerk’s Office (225 Center Road, Easton, CT 06612). Due to possible USPS mail delays, we encourage use of the Official Drop Box.
[Last day to obtain an absentee ballot is March 29th]
Ballots MUST BE RECEIVED no later than 8:00 p.m. on the day of the referendum/vote Tuesday, 3/30/2021. 

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