School Officials in Charge of Follow-up

School officials at Samuel Staples Elementary School in Easton discovered several Swastikas drawn in chalk on the asphalt in the rear of the building on April 8.

The school resource officer along with school staff conducted an investigation into the matter. The next day the responsible individual was identified through investigative resources. A Hate and Bias Form was completed and filed with the State of Connecticut by the Easton Police Department.

The Easton, Redding and Region 9 Superintendent and school officials from Staples Elementary School will be in charge of the follow-up investigation. 

“It is important that everyone understands that this symbol is a despicable reminder of hate, bias and has no place in our community, which prides itself on being a welcoming, inclusive, and kind community,” Police Chief Richard Doyle said.

Samuel Staples Elementary School Principal Kimberly Fox Santora told the Courier that she could not discuss additional details because it is a student discipline matter. 

“Easton remains a wonderfully kind and inclusive community,” Fox Santora said.

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