Alastair Ong
Alastair Ong

The Easton Energy & Environment Task Force will be hosting a virtual workshop to encourage residents to reduce waste and enrich garden soil by learning how to compost. The class will be Zoomed on April 22 at 7 p.m. and registration is simple and open to all.

The event will be led by master composter and Easton resident, Alastair Ong. Though many Eastonites already compost, newcomers who previously lived in apartments may not know how. There are misconceptions about composting that Ong can easily dispel.

To those new to composting Ong offered reassurance. “The formula requires zero knowledge of chemistry, pH, moisture or temperature. Furthermore the method never needs turning and will NOT attract vermin or ever smell bad.”

Those who yearn for his inside information will not be disappointed. “My talk will cover a top secret composting recipe that I’ve developed over the last 20 years of composting and honed while studying to be a master composter at U Conn. I believe that it is the simplest and easiest composting a person can do,” he said.

Cathy Alfandre, who chairs the task force, is enthusiastic about the upcoming event. “The Easton Energy & Environment Task Force is very excited that Alastair Ong is willing to share his expertise with the community,” she said. “Composting is an easy way for every resident to reduce the strain on our waste system and turn their food scraps into great soil. I’m looking forward to learning Alastair’s tips and tricks.

“Seems like a perfect Webinar for Earth Day,” Alfandre added.

To register for the workshop visit:

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