To the Editor:

I write in support of the Easton Resolution on Racism and Public Health which be voted on this coming Tuesday, May 4th. After hearing the opinions voiced at our recent town meeting (and having read the comments which have been circulated in print), I want to assure Easton Residents that this resolution is NOT an accusation, nor is it an attempt to control minds or to limit freedom. It IS a compassionate acknowledgement of existing inequities and a much-needed invitation to further discussion.

Why much-needed? First, because the phrase “Public Health” embraces far more than our medical needs: it is about well-being in general—emotional, psychological, cultural, economic, environmental … all the forces that shape individual lives and group interactions. Second, because Easton is not a bubble: we interact with—and are affected by—the life experience of the rest of the world. Third, because we are a caring community where personal growth is encouraged and compassion matters: community discussions about the issues raised here can lead to improved lives for all.

In sum, this resolution is not just about improving public health for any particular racial group, but for all of us—because we are all impacted by social injustice, both externally and internally, whether we perceive it or not … and we all have room to grow.

As the best-selling author and Civil Rights activist James Baldwin stated decades ago, “We can all become better than we are.”

Karen Thorsen

Producer/Director, James Baldwin Project

Easton Resident for 27 Years

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