To the Editor:

I am writing to you with sadness because no matter if this resolution passes or not, it has needlessly caused fissures in our community. The manner in which this was foisted upon Easton has polarized our town. The resolution was approved by the BOS at a single meeting and quick implementation caused a firestorm and raised legal issues which lead to the roll back of the resolution. This is why you are now voting on this resolution on Tuesday.

The public needs to understand that systemic racism is not a public health crisis in Easton and should not be treated as such. Putting it under the guise of a health crisis is misleading and would give autonomous power and control over education, zoning, infrastructure, commercial development.

This is the real reason for this Resolution.

This is about power and control.

This is why Every citizen needs to get out Vote

Please VOTE NO

June Logie


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