To the Editor:

CRG sends a humble thank you to our many neighbors who sent donations making it possible for us to mail our last three flyers town wide. We could not have done it without your financial and moral support.

Many of you have asked about our MLK-Yes, CRT-No signs. We support Dr. Martin Luther King’s (MLK-Yes) famous advice to judge others by the content of their character, never the color of their skin. We stand against Critical Race Theory (CRT-No) which judges everyone by skin color — white-oppressor, person of color-victim. The signs were not aimed at this referendum. They were intended to create public curiosity regarding Critical Race Theory. They have succeeded and even begun to spread to other areas of Connecticut.

Democrats have put out very similar signs for the referendum that say “MLK/Resolution Yes.” To clear any confusion this may cause, the Resolution you will be voting on Tuesday is called the Easton Resolution on Racism and Public Health. It has nothing to do with Martin Luther King and is in fact based in Critical Race Theory. You can read the full text at

The people of Easton are not racist. Easton is not a racist town.

Please VOTE NO on this Resolution.

Sherry L. Harris, President
June Logie, Treasurer

Citizens for Responsible Government

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