Update for 5/7/2021

happy mothers day

Good afternoon,

This week has been a busy time at town hall. First and foremost, we had a tremendous turnout for the referendum, which is a credit to all of our town’s people. The vote went off smoothly, which is not an easy task!  A huge thank you to the Town Clerk & staff and to the Registrar’s & staff and all who helped out.

One of the most important decisions we make every year is to set and vote on the town budget. This sets the parameters for the coming year and I am grateful for the support it received. The Easton Resolution on Racism and Public Health was defeated and that is the will of the people.

Last night we had an almost three hour Board of Selectmen meeting. It was dominated by public comment, mostly regarding the resolution and related matters. Those who spoke were articulate and thoughtful. There was a variety of points of view; it was a great exchange of ideas and forum for discussion. I look forward to further conversations and am heartened by the support of the Republican and Democratic Town Committee Chairs to promote further discussion. This should be about education and working together. The quality and tenor of the conversation made me proud of our town. We also discussed the process of rewriting Easton’s Code of Ethics. We also discussed a one year experimental farming project on a portion of the South Park Property which is proposing to grow hemp.Those discussions will be continuing.

The one lane bridge on South Park Avenue near Riverside Drive is now closed. In the past, the detour routes due to the closure have become, as one resident put it, a miniature Indianapolis Speedway. You may see an unprecedented level of police activity on these roads, so obey the speed restrictions.

I met with the American Legion Board of Directors this week and am happy to announce that we will have a Memorial Day Parade.  If you want to participate and you have a tractor or a convertible please contact Donald Rodgerson @ topkick375@aol.com. We also discussed having ceremony for the Twentieth Anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. I am certain that everyone agrees with the importance of marking this somber day in our history. 

Of the roughly 3,000 dead ash trees that were identified as dangerous three years ago, there are about 30 left to cut down. That is roughly 1%.  Most of those are scheduled to be done by June 15, 2021.  Given our priority efforts, not one ash tree has caused personal injury. The Department of Public Works and UI deserve the maximum credit for a job well done.

Re: Covid rates: For the two week period ending May 1, the per 100,000 rate is 9.5, showing further improvement.  Great Job!  The Executive Orders for meetings as well as other restrictions will expire or be modified on May 20. We will keep you posted on our procedures for opening town buildings and on how we will conduct meetings.

Have a great weekend and Happy Mother’s Day.

Dave Bindelglass

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