This is everyone’s opportunity to see this magnificent structure up close and personal! Making sure that this church remains intact for future generations is the responsibility of this generation. Let’s not let our grandchildren and great grandchildren down!

Edwin Gilbert built this memorial church in Georgetown in 1901. Constructed of stone quarried in Branchville, the church has withstood the test of time and remains in remarkably good condition 120 years after it was built. From the stained glass windows, to the hand carved woodwork, to the huge pipe organ behind the altar, it is all there. The original slate roof requires some repairs as does some of the interior plaster that has been damaged by water leaks over the past few years. But over-all, this is a fantastic building that is being offered for sale by its congregation to the town of Redding.

On the National Register of Historic Places the Gilbert Memorial Church is the centerpiece of Georgetown’s Historic District

On Sunday, June 6th, from 4 to 7 PM, it will be open to the public for all to see and marvel at the craftmanship that it took to make it. It is located on Main Street in Georgetown, Connecticut. Come on over, enjoy the music and see why saving it is so important! Hosted by the Town of Redding and First Selectwoman Julia Pemberton.

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By Bruce Nelson

Director of Research for the Historical Society of Easton Town Co-Historian for the Town of Redding, Connecticut Author/Publisher at Sport Hill Books