A pair of baby goats arrived on Memorial Day to mom, Clarice, and Blue Button farmers Dennis and Holly Pryor. The yet unnamed kids are already walking and wagging their little tails under the watchful eye of their mom and human parents.

For those less schooled in goat husbandry, it seems remarkable that one-day-old kids can walk. Human kids need about a year.

Mom Clarice keeps a maternal eye on her soon-to-be named kids born on Memorial Day at Blue Button Farm

There are lots of reasons to visit Blue Button Farm. Chief among them is the hour-long goat walk, which gives visitors a chance to learn about different goat species and to hike in the woods with Blue Button’s ever-growing tribe.

Reservations for goat walks may be made by contacting: holly@bluebuttonfarm.com

The Pryor’s have goats, sheep, chickens and horses…and Cubby, the celebrity tortoise, who appeared in the Courier previously when she took a stroll down Everett Road to visit a nearby apple orchard. To learn more: https://www.bluebuttonfarm.com/about/

Blue Button Farm is located at 177 Everett Road in Easton.

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