State Delegation Endorses Bindelglass Re-Election

David Bindelglass launched his campaign for re-election at a rally in Easton June 27 with enthusiastic endorsements from Governor Ned Lamont, Lt. Governor Susan Bysiewicz, state Rep. Anne Hughes (D-135), and fellow Easton Selectman Bob Lessler. 

Elected in 2019, Bindelglass has served with fellow-Democrat Lessler in the first Board of Selectmen with a Democratic majority in Easton since 2005. Both are running for re-election this year, after guiding the town through a tropical storm, extensive power outages, the COVID-19 pandemic, and all the problems and successes faced by small town America.

Elected in 2019, First Selectman Dave Bindelglass has served with fellow-Democrat Selectman Bob Lessler in the first Board of Selectmen with a Democratic majority in Easton since 2005.

“My first two years as first selectman saw unprecedented challenges,” said Bindelglass to the crowd of supporters. “We administered with leadership, dedication, listening and competence, so that kids could stay in school and vital town services and the Senior Center could continue operating and helping.” 

“Our commitment to transparency in government brings more information which generates more debate,” Bindelglass said. He said that Easton was one of the first towns to hold a town meeting once COVID regulations allowed it, and that all five measures referred to a machine vote were passed by the voters. Two months later, voters approved the town budget, restoring essential cuts made in previous years from education and public works.     

Bysiewicz announced Lamont’s and her endorsement of the Bindelglass-Lessler team, and described the productive collaboration between her office and Bindelglass during the pandemic. “How smart and visionary were you, Easton,” she asked, “to pick a medical doctor during this critical moment?” She said that, with the Bindelglass administration, “Families know that public health and education are priorities” in Easton.

Hughes commended Bindelglass for leading the move to join the local health district just in time for the pandemic and the collaborative health services the merger delivers to Easton. Hughes agreed with Bysiewicz that Bindelglass’s constant communication with them, and his responsiveness to the needs of Easton, directly translated into low infection and high vaccination rates and maintaining essential resources open for the town, especially for its most vulnerable citizens. Commending the Bindelglass administration, she said, “This is what responsive, transparent, inclusive governing looks like.”

Lessler said that only once before in its 175-year history has Easton successfully re-elected a Democratic First Selectman because of the — until now — overwhelming Republican voter registration. Today, for the first time ever, there are more Democratic voters in Easton than there are Republican. “It is only by continuing this Democratic leadership that Easton can continue to benefit from responsive, proactive and effective government,” Lessler said.

In addition to guiding the town through COVID, other significant accomplishments of the Bindelglass administration include completed construction of one bridge on Park Avenue and another one underway; creation of a representative task force that is examining options for the South Park property; and increased transparency of town government through weekly public updates to citizens, extended public comment at Board of Selectmen meetings, a Town Hall presentation for newcomers, brown bag lunches, and several other open forums. Bindelglass is also improving Town Hall procedures and expanding Park and Recreation projects for seniors.

Bindelglass, 62, an orthopedic surgeon, lives in Easton with his wife, Gloria, an emergency room nurse at Bridgeport Hospital. They have two grown sons.

Easton Democrats support the Bindelglass-Lessler ticket at a campaign rally June 27 at the Easton Village Store.

Photo at top: First Selectman David Bindelglass launched his campaign for re-election at a rally in Easton June 27 with endorsements from Governor Ned Lamont (not present), Lt. Governor Susan Bysiewicz and state Rep. Anne Hughes (D-135).