Letter: Thanks to Bruce Nelson and Dr. Lechtenberg

To the Editors:

I am so grateful to The Courier for introducing me to Bruce Nelson and Richard Lechtenberg through their columns. Through his vintage pictures, stories, and historical accounts, Bruce offers a window into Easton’s past, as well as that of some of her people. His most recent, about his summers in Maine in the fifties, was a delight, striking so many familiar chords and reminiscences about my own childhood summers. As I gear up to read the Boston Sunday Globe, his piece was a nostalgic respite before I delve into the controversies and anguish of current events.

Dr. Lechtenburg’s columns are pointed, wise, and brilliant. He tackles today’s painful issues head on, but with a wry humor and story-teller’s approach that pull me in, even when, sometimes, I’d rather turn away. I find myself wishing his pieces were required reading in every state, in every town.

My thanks,

Lea Sylvestro