To the Editor:

As many of you know, we’ve been slowly growing a Chamber of Commerce in Easton. Since announcing our plans at the 2019 Memorial Day Parade, we have laid the groundwork for an organization to support Easton’s business owners and non-profits.

We’ve enlisted members, built a mailing list, held several large and lively meetings, generated a seed fund, and gathered 100+ followers on the Easton Chamber of Commerce Facebook page. Now, we need HELP! We three founders acknowledge that our other commitments don’t afford us the time necessary to nurture this important initiative.

We are looking for someone(s) willing and able to take the next steps to develop the Easton Chamber of Commerce. Interested? We’d love to meet with you!

Please email Lori Cochran at Thank you.

Adrienne Burke, Lori Cochran and Patti Popp


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