Commentary: Jeff Parker — Why I’m Running

Easton is at a crossroads. Challenges from beyond our borders are dividing us as a community. We need a new focus that puts Easton First.

My family’s Easton roots date back generations. I returned in 1994 with my wife, Joan, and our two school-aged daughters. Joan’s career as principal of HKMS inspired me to run for the Board of Education after
she passed in 2010. I have served continuously on the board since 2011, and as chairman from 2013-20. In 2019, I married an old friend from Stamford named Diane Tornatore.

My 42-year professional career was in the sale and marketing of school recognition products, primarily with Herff Jones. At the conclusion of my career in 2015, I was responsible for 75 sales offices and more than 100 field representatives covering 32 states. The skills I developed that are particularly relevant to the role of first selectman include consensus building, relationship management, personnel management and fiscal

Now, more than ever, we need to come together as a community and focus on what’s right for our town. We need to put Easton First.

Jeff Parker

Candidate for Easton First Selectman