As the nation celebrates Independence Day commemorating our freedom from British rule and the formation of our democracy, Easton will be celebrating these events as well as special local traditions.

Though tensions abound here and throughout the nation, Easton is launching into a season of extraordinary bounty. For those new to the town, there will be a cornucopia of treats from our local farms.

Berries and an array of herbs are already plentiful. In the coming months, sweet local corn and heirloom tomatoes will be heading our way. Add to those a variety of locally baked goods and dairy products, honeys, impossibly huge squash and melons, and greens and herbs, too many to name individually. And fruit pies? No matter your favorites, you’ll find them here.

In addition to our treasured farmers, Easton boasts many amateur gardeners who enjoy sharing. This is very much the Easton way. Our family already got its first care package from neighbors: A big bag of sweet peas, which I picked up at their back door. I ate a handful before I reached the end of their driveway.

July 4 kicks off a series of great events, particularly in August, when the Easton Volunteer Fire Department hosts its annual Fireman’s Carnival, Aug. 3 to 7 on the village green. As Easton historian Bruce Nelson wrote, “As in so many small towns across America, there is usually at least one annual community event that the entire town rallies behind and eagerly awaits. Since its inception in 1923, that event has been the EVFD Carnival.”

The rides are the main event for kids, while Bingo draws the grown-ups and the dinner food is grilled and served by Easton’s own volunteer fire families. The homemade desserts are awesome. My family is partial to the peach shortcake, but there’s a diet buster on the menu for all tastes.

The following Saturday, Aug. 14, is the Citizens for Easton Annual Farm Tour, now in its 12th year. The event was created to attract crowds to participating farms and to pay homage to the town’s thriving agricultural life. This is a chance to visit many Easton farms, to sample their wares and to meet our farmers.

The event will begin at the pavilion at Samuel Staples Elementary School (413 Morehouse Road) where self-guided tour maps of participating farms will be provided. There will also be gardening and composting mini-lessons, as well as games for kids and prizes. The events at the pavilion will begin at 10 a.m. and continue through 2 p.m. Farm visits will continue until 2 p.m., after which farms will be open for regular business.

Easton’s 175th Anniversary celebrations will conclude on Sept. 18 with Easton Emergency Service’s fireworks show. More event information is forthcoming.

With all the seasonal culinary and cultural richness in Easton, let’s consign our bitterness to arugula and celebrate as friends and neighbors…Because Easton rocks!

Happy 4th to all of you from all of us at the Courier.

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