Letter: Library Director Responds to Facebook Posts

To the Editor:

I would like to respond to the negative post on the Moms of Easton Facebook Page on July 14. A patron was upset about the Library’s masking policy, which states that children who are too young to wear a mask (2 and under) are not allowed in the Library at this time. The reason for this is to create the safest possible environment for all patrons and staff members.

My staff and I have worked very hard to create a friendly, welcoming, and inclusive environment. During the Covid pandemic, there have been many challenges, and decisions have been made in the interest of maximizing both Library services and safety for all.

After giving this issue careful consideration, I have decided to allow babies and toddlers in the Library, even though they cannot wear masks.

I encourage anyone to contact me at 203-261-0134 or lzaffino@comcast.net with any concerns regarding the Library. I will always make myself available to discuss any issues or problems that might arise.

Lynn Zaffino

Easton Library Director