To the Editor:

I’ve read the letters to the editor of the Courier criticizing how Kristi Sogofsky and the RTC have handled the recent appointment to the ER9 Board.

The Democratic majority on the BoS replaced a duly elected Republican member of the ER9 Board with a Democrat. The Board now consists of seven Democrats and one Republican.

All the chatter about process, political posturing and bipartisanship does not change the fact that the BoS majority appointed their own party’s candidate even though the citizens of Easton voted for a balanced board with an equal number of Republicans and Democrats.

The RTC recommended a very qualified unaffiliated candidate, in writing, along with a short and informative bio. She showed her commitment and enthusiasm by making herself available on the spur of the moment. Ask yourself, would waiting until the next BoS meeting, having a formal résumé or having the candidate present have changed the outcome?

I don’t think so and I can’t imagine anyone else does either. Remarks disparaging both Kristi and the RTC only serve to further divide our town. Let’s get back to putting people above politics.

Wendy Bowditch

Chairman, Easton Republican Town Committee

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