Dear Friends and Families of ER9:  

Directing a delayed opening or early dismissal or cancellation of schools is the responsibility of the superintendent.

At approximately 4:30 am I made the call to hold a two-hour delayed opening this morning. When I had heard from First Student, our bus company, that they recommended a change from delayed opening to cancellation due to worsening conditions on the roads in Easton and Redding, I immediately agreed and arranged for a new message to go out changing our status.

A representative from the bus company explained that their process was to bring students who had already been picked up to the school and discharge them to the administrators and staff at the high school.   

It was at this point that we directed the students to contact their parents or designated people for a pick up.  

I followed up with the dispatch office at First Student at which time we agreed that they would return to the high school, pick up the students, and return them to their homes. This was a change from their earlier position.

I fully understand the impact this morning’s evolving plans had on our students, staff and families. My primary concern has been and must always be the safety of everyone, and I wanted to prevent middle school and elementary school-aged children from having to leave their homes at all.

Having worked with and known the wonderful staff, faculty, and administrators at Joel Barlow High School since 2007, I want to thank them for rising to the challenge this morning. I am also deeply humbled and very appreciative to the students who worked with us and showed good humor and understanding throughout the morning.

I am likely to be with you as interim superintendent for only a few more weeks or even days, and I am very sorry that this morning’s change from delay to cancelation will color the end of my time with you.

This decision was mine, and I apologize for the inconvenience. I hope you will accept that we must always hold the safety of our children as our first duty.

I just received confirmation at 10:30 a.m. that the bus company has returned all high school students who went with them to their homes.


Tom McMorran, Ed.D

Interim Superintendent

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