Senior Medicare Patrol Presentation on Scams & How to Protect Yourselves

There are so many scams out there and you need to protect yourselves! There are the scams you have heard of like the “Grandma, I am at the airport, I’ve lost my wallet and need you to wire money to me so I can fly home.”

Who wouldn’t be worried, and often times people do get scammed this way. The latest fraudulent activity via phone or email is related to the Coronavirus, the Covid-19 Vaccine, Medicare and Social Security.

Lisa Alhabal from the Southwestern Agency on Aging will be giving a hybrid ZOOM presentation on the scams you should be aware of and how to protect yourselves against them on Friday, Sept. 24 at noon

The Zoom link will be sent or you can come in person to the Easton Senior Center, 650 Morehouse Road, and watch the Zoom presentation. There will be lunch for those in attendance. Please sign up with Alison Witherbee at 203-268-1137 or email her at