Letter: Pathway Design Funding

To the Editor:

In his 9/10/2021 Easton Courier missive defending his support for the multi-use Pathway Design funding, First Selectman Dr. Bindelglass states that he believes that the pathway is a needed safety for allowing the people of Easton to enjoy our town by walking or biking safely. He reminds us that there is unanimous support  by the Planning and Zoning Commission.

I ask: is the Planning and Zoning Commission support always in the best interest of all Eastonites; how many people of Easton will deliberately go to that area to do serious walking and biking; will it serve the greater population of Easton; is this another introduction to the slippery slope of more commercialization in our town?

Please say “no” to the pathway Design Funding at the 9/13/2021 Town Meeting and then vote “no” to the entire project if the opportunity comes to you. Yes, receiving state monies is very compelling but more compelling is the critical need to not further pollute our local environment with more machines belching pollutant and more paving run-off rather than water absorbent natural growth.

Nathalie Sattler Taranto