Letter: Support Pathway Design Plan

To the Editor:

We encourage Easton voters to vote yes on September 21st to fund an initial $80,000 for a design plan for the Pathway from Helen Keller Middle School to EVS and Silverman’s Farm. After a $64,000 reimbursement from the state, the Town of Easton will owe $16,000 of the $80,000.

The pathway will make it safer for people and in particular Keller students to walk along Sport Hill Road since there is currently little room to walk along the road and it is a dangerous area for pedestrians. The pathway will make it easier to walk from the Keller playground and tennis courts to EVS which will engender more of an Easton community. The pathway will also help Sherwood Farm and Silverman’s Farm by increasing foot traffic to both farms.

The pathway is supported by the current and former Easton Chiefs of Police, the former principal of HKMS and by 56% of the people who voted in the non-binding pathway referendum in March 2021.

Please vote yes on September 21st to fund the design plan for the Pathway in order to provide safety on a busy road near a school and to help two Easton farms.

Thank you.

Adam Dunsby
Ray Martin
Jim Riling
Alison Sternberg
Craig Sternberg


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